Client Testimonials...

I recently went to Fedel for my first official posing lesson. I did my first show last year and my biggest stress and weakness was properly posing. In my first, but not my last session, I gained more confidence and knowledge in one session then I did trying on my own. I actually have a base to work from and practice with. I'll be going back plenty more to get my posing down. I'd highly recommend anyone who hasn't been to Fedel, to go to Fedel!

I met Fedel for the first time at one posing seminar I took before my show. I had a little knowledge of posing and the competition world in general and he def helped me to enrich my knowledge.

I decided to do one on one coaching and I noticed right away the professionalism and the passion that Fedel had when he was teaching me. He was able to provide useful insights and advice on my posing, explain the details and criticize my mistakes. I was impressed with his ability to critically think and make me understand why I needed to learn certain poses/movements and not just merely give me instructions to follow. Furthermore, his posing studio is very professional, provided with lights, mirrors, music, etc. I HIGHLY recommend to work with Fedel one on one, your confidence and ability how to pose will dramatically increase after just one lesson.

Thank you, Fedel!

I had my first posing session with Fedel and I cannot say enough positive things. First and foremost, he is hands down THE most educated, experienced, and thoughtful coach. He is serious about what he does and wants what's best for his client almost more than you do. Fedel gave me so many tips and tons of information about every aspect of this sport, (line up, transitioning, nutritional intake, foot and hand placement, hand flow, etc) not only on show day but the entire process in itself. He has perfected his expertise in such a way that he can seamlessly make your routine fit YOU in a matter of minutes. Fedel made me so welcome and comfortable in his studio, provided me with so much more knowledge then when I walked in and I cannot wait to see him again. Thank you Fedel for the advice, words of encouragement, and time and effort spent working with me.

Heather Burgess - CPA Figure Competitor
I have been competing and posing with Fedel for the past four years. Recently, I competed in the Figure category at the Niagara Pro/Am. This past year I really focused on my posing and stage presence and worked diligently with Fedel to ensure come show day I was presenting all my hard work to the best of my ability.

Fedel, is one of the most sincere, caring, and talented people I have met in the bodybuilding world. It is very clear he has a true passion for the sport, and helping others. Working with him one on one in his private posing studio is an experience like no other. You see yourself from absolutely every angle. He is meticulous with his work and makes sure that you are displaying your assets in the best possible way.

One major thing my posing was lacking was flow, sass, and confidence. Over the past several weeks Fedel helped me over come this and truly made me fall in love with posing and the feeling of being on stage.

Prior to competing in bodybuilding shows, I was a competitive dancer for 15 years. I have spent countless hours on various stages performing and not once have I ever felt as proud, confident and happy on stage as I did this past weekend. I felt absolutely fantastic and had the time of my life on stage displaying all of my hard work!

Fedel truly is the best in the business when it comes to teaching competitors how to pose and represent themselves on stage. He is patient, kind, genuine, insanely talented and incredibly humble. I cannot wait to continue on this journey with him to learn more and take my posing to the next level once again!
Thank you Fedel for everything. I would not have accomplished this weekends success, or the stage confidence without you. You are amazing!

Jennifer Mercieca
If patience is a virtue, then Fedel Clarke should take home 1st place!

I came to Fedel a complete figure novice last Fall with absolutely no experience whatsoever with figure posing or competition protocol and about 2 months out from my first show. He knew he had his work cut out with me but accepted the challenge and coached me during the months leading up to the event. Given that Fedel is a perfectionist, he showed incredible patience time and time again with me even when I just couldn’t get it right! Damn that Lat Spread!

His dedication and my tenacity were the perfect match and in the end he made sure I had perfected it before my competitions…What I remember most is that even backstage when I was nervous he came over and gave me last minute encouragement just before I went on. Proud to say that I placed two competitions and in two categories and that I couldn’t have done it with him!

I still have much to learn and perfect and will continue training with Fedel every time I compete.

Thank you Fedel! a true Pro!


Adam Khreis
I’m grateful to have attended Fedel’s posing seminar. He helped provide the foundation I needed along with many other advanced details that make the difference which others may not think of, and that’s made all the difference. If you want a posing coach who’s honest, has heart, and knows his craft I recommend Fedel anytime.


Myself and another bikini competitor booked with Fedel Clarke for IDFA posing practice. Fedel comes highly recommended, and rightfully so! He was approachable, understanding and ensured we (as first time competitors) understood the step by steps of posing. Fedel ensured we were comfortable and corrected any “bad” posing habits we had picked up from home. We will continue to pose with Fedel Clarke until show day as it is clear he brings it the best in his clients.


I worked with Fedel to improve my posing for the bikini division. This was my first time working with a posing coach, and I could not have asked for a better experience. Fedel was kind, thorough, and attentive not only to giving me direction, but ensure that I truly learned what he was teaching. I appreciated that he took photos and videos during our session for me to use later, and how welcoming he was though I am not one of his regular clients. I feel so much more prepared for stage, and absolutely cannot wait to work with him again! I will recommend his services to any competitors looking for advice in the future.


Kassandra Fox
My time posing with Fedel has been that of a journey. We met when I took one of his posing seminars and when I decided I wanted to show I contacted him for private lessons. He is a very professional individual who knows how to work with all sorts of personality and make that shine in the way he teaches you how to pose. I am a very shy individual and he gave me so much positive reinforcement as I worked my way through hand gestures. As well as learning to walk in heels. He also took the time each week to view videos of my progress when I wasn’t available to come see him in person. He gives lots of feed back and was there to talk when I felt frustrated or if I felt I just wasn’t getting it. He is an unbelievable posing coach and is well worth the drive to go see him in Whitby. I have appreciated all that he had done for me.


I have to say doing both Bikini and Figure practice today, I found your seminar to be extremely informative. As a first time Bikini competitor, your step by step instruction and guidance was very clear and in addition you provided very helpful constructive criticism. For the Figure portion, I learned so much I never knew before and now I can say I have much more confidence in my Figure posing routine, as well as my Bikini routine.


I took one of Fedel’s Posing With The Pro Seminars before my first show. I quickly realized, that I needed more time with him. He made himself available for whatever time I needed. With about 1.5 weeks our from my very first show he was able to squeeze me in. He was a consummate professional, patient, yet challenging.

Fedel you are wonderful. I can’t thank you enough. The first time jitters were barely there after my last session and I was prepared for the show. I can’t wait to start preparing for my next show with you!

I placed 2nd in the 3 classes I was entered in.


I had a great experience in my first posing session with Fedel. He was very professional and his experience and knowledge are outstanding. I learned a lot and walked out with much more confidence than I walked in with. I’m exited for session number 2!


I just finished a posing session with Fedel in Thunder Bay. Fortunately, I was able to attend and consider myself to be very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from somebody with such passion, knowledge and professionalism to teach posing. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to learn from Fedel as it will make the difference in how you place.


Over the years I have tried a few different posing coaches, thinking only a bikini competitor would be the best choice. I had a bad experience with one and felt unsure where to go next. I saw that Posing with the Pro was having a workshop close to where I lived so I signed up. Fedel was better than any posing coach I had experienced. Even in a group setting he tried to help each person find their confidence and identity during their routine. I subsequently booked additional private sessions and he is worth the drive to Whitby. He wants to help each competitor find their own unique identity on stage so they can show off the hard work they have invested and shine on stage. No cookie cutter routines are ever taught. I walked in today lacking confidence having been off stage for over a year and left feeling set on the right path. I look forward to my next session and making more improvements.

Thanks Fedel


Nick Plummer
I went to Fedel to touch up my posing in the early weeks of my prep. What I learned really opened my world to a whole new side of posing down to the finest details. I definitely recommend paying him a visit if you wish I take your game to the next level.


Mike S.
My experience with Mr. Clarke at Posing With the Pro was educational, enlightening and a lot of fun.

I was unsure if the sport of bodybuilding was for me, so I reached out to IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke for some guidance. After inviting me to his studio for a posing session to look at my physique and give me some direction, Mr. Clarke educated me as to how the different divisions work and where I might best fit based on my current physique.

During the session Mr. Clarke was patient when teaching me the very basics of how to pose, stand and conduct myself on stage. As an experienced professional he was helpful and honest when it came to feedback, answering my questions and giving me the guidance I needed.

I'd recommend anyone interested in the the world of bodybuilding to go see Fedel Clarke at Posing With the Pro. His experience, skill and dedication to helping Canadian athletes will absolutely help set you up for success in the world of competitive bodybuilding.


Right from the first time I met Fedel Clarke I could tell he was a very down to earth, genuine guy who wanted to see people do their best. The guy who won the overall in Men's Physique was a guy who he had been working with, so right away I was interested in having him help with my posing. We exchanged contact information and I called him to schedule a session. He had been following me on Instagram and knew exactly what I was up to without even having to ask me. He was easy to talk to, and I could tell he was excited to work with me and that was really special to me to have someone that interested in helping me get better! He worked around my schedule, had me send posing pictures, and was very supportive. I made the drive to his home studio and right from when I knocked on the door I was welcomed by his wife who introduced herself and showed me around their house and his posing studio. Fedel and I had a long talk about his career, what he does what he does, and gave me great advice regarding the world of Body Building. He broke down posing for me on a level I have never had explained and helped me understand not only what I was doing but why I was doing it. He took pictures from all angles, multiple videos, showed me what I was doing, helped me angle my strengths, and by the end made me feel very confident with what I can do on a stage going forward! He gave me a free shirt, and we took a selfie after. One of the friendliest people I have met! At the end of the session he said I could message him anytime, send posing pictures, and and ask questions if I have any. That to me means a lot because he didn't ask for anything in return. His posing sessions are very affordable but to offer the constant support afterwards is incredible and says a lot about his character. I look forward to working with Fedel in the future as I compete for my Pro Card in 2020. Anyone who is serious about Body Building should definitely schedule a session!


Kayla Cooper
As I was previously a bikini competitor in 2017, I thought I knew Showing up to my first appointment with Fedel exactly what I was getting myself into. Of course I knew some posing rules had changed and that I personally had a lot to work on, but it turns out I had gotten way more than I bargained for.

Upon first meeting Fedel, I felt so confident in his abilities to coach and critique my posing as needed. He started from the bottom, analyzing every movement and step that was taken so that he could see how I worked personally. Fedel was able to take my previous routine, and adjust it in a way that was fitting to my needs, but also in a way that would meet the judges needs. So much information was provided through just our first session. Every little change was done in a manner that came with an explanation as to “why” we were making this change, and why it was important.

I can’t wait to continue working with Fedel in the future and crush my routine. I’m ready to come back to the stage better than ever, and with a killer posing routine from the very best himself. Fedel goes out of his way to ensure that each individuals needs are met, and there’s no better title that fits him. He’s a pro for a reason.

Thank you for fitting me into your very busy schedule. I’m beyond excited to continue working with you.


Erik Hindorff
Having never competed before I wasn't sure what to expect. After meeting Fidel I felt comfortable immediately. He is an artist, and an amazing teacher. The confidence I had leaving after one session was priceless. The posing studio he has is top notch as well. Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you in the future.


After my first session with Fedel, I felt more confident with my ability to learn the posing for competition. He was patient when I didn’t understand how to do a transition.He assured me when I got frustrated,that it was only my first session. I honestly can’t wait to continue working with Fedel in the weeks to come before my show.

Thank you Fedel!!


Daniel Balkissoon - Bodybuilding
Fedel was recommended to me by my good friend and coach (Robin Strand) who is an IFBB pro. There were a few other options for me for posing coaches , especially considering that I live quite far away from Fedel. It takes me about two hours to get there and two hours back. I have to say that Fedel is worth every minute of that drive and every dollar spent. He is undoubtedly the best posing coach in Canada. I love working with Fedel because of his attention to detail , his vast knowledge and experience, his ability to personalize every session to the individual client and his proactive approach in making sure you are ready for your show. Besides his undeniable expertise Fedel is also a true gentleman and made me feel comfortable from the very first time I messaged him, all the way up to when he welcomed me into his home for our first session. The professionalism and warmth consistently shown by Fedel makes it a pleasure and honour to work with him. I leave feeling both accomplished and happy after every session and there is no coach I would rather work with.


I had the privilege to join Fedel Clarkes posing clinic in Cambridge. I had the most amazing experience and learning from the pro was even better. Fedel is an inspiring person and knowledgable. This was my second posing clinic I had with Fedel and since then the posing has changed slightly, so learning a few news steps was something i had to practice and turn it into perfection. Posing is very crucial in performing on stage and being able to have the confidence to be your best, Fedel makes that happen.


Cecilia Román
When I went to fedel’s posing class in Toronto it was a great experience. I made friends and I also learned how to pose properly. Before my posing wasn’t very good and I felt un confident on stage. By going to Fedel’s posing class he taught us the right angles, transitions and front pose’s that compliment our body. The environment is very friendly and helpful and everyone is there to learn how to pose perfectly. After going to his posing class I feel way more settled with my posing and confident! He is a great teacher!!


Today was my first time every posing. This is actually my first competition ever as well. Fedel welcomed me into his beautiful studio and displayed professionalism and passion for the sport. He was patient and very welcoming of me being a first timer. I look forward to more sessions in the very near future. Nothing beats posing with a pro!!


Leroy Rollins
Fedel’s posing took my competitive bodybuilding career to the next level. With his help, I was able to secure my first Overall win of my career which has been a goal of mine for many years.

Fedel taught me small intricacies of the poses that really made my physique stand out and accentuate my strong points.

I would encourage anybody looking to take their posing up a notch whether they be new or experienced athletes to pay him a visit. It’s well worth your time if you take bodybuilding seriously!


Patrick Steadman
I did your men's physique posing class yesterday at Fuzion Fitness. I just want to say thank you for all the help and insight you have given me. You have really raised my confidence going into the Stephanie Worsfold Classic! You mentioned after about writing a testimonial so here it is.

I have gone to a few posing classes before meeting with Fedel and he was by far the best! While some people might know the basics, he was able to "fill in the blanks" for the my men's physique routine. He is very knowledgeable and was great at not only teaching me different poses but also explaining how each one showed off my strengths. I highly recommend working with Fedel!


Fedel is a phenomenal posing coach. Not only did he fit me into his tight schedule on a short notice, but he also provided a fantastic and tremendously informative posing experience. From the moment I spoke to him on the phone and later entered his house, I could sense his lifelong passion for bodybuilding as well as his warm and welcoming nature. His studio is clean and beautiful, with numerous pictures of his and others competitive days, you instantly feel motivated and enriched by the atmosphere. He guided me through each pose with meticilous attention to detail, demonstrating every aspect and pointing out specific areas for improvement. He instilled more confidence and empowered me to become a better bodybuilder. I very much looking foreward to many more sessions together.


I attended a private posing lesson with Fedel today and it was above and beyond my expectations. I attended a different posing seminar in the past and did not learn half of the things Fedel taught me in our private lesson. I will be competing in the bikini division for my very first show and feel much more confident after working with Fedel. Fedel not only taught me all of the mandatory poses but also helped me with my individual presentation and how to properly pose on stage from all angles. Fedel was very welcoming and kind. You can tell he is so passionate and loves what he does. I will always work with Fedel for any future shows I do. Thank you Fedel for caring so much about your athletes. It was a pleasure. See you again soon!