Meet IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke

Fedel Clarke

Professional Posing Coach & Qualified Video Critique, CPA Ambassador and IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke Classic Former Judge & Promoter
I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Johnstown. My father, 3 sisters, 2 brothers and I came to Canada in August, 1975. My passion for bodybuilding started at a very young age back home in Jamaica and continued in Canada. I remember my first day of school in Canada. When I was on my way to school, I past a supplement store and saw a poster of a man doing a front double biceps in the window. I could not get that picture out of my mind so every day after school I returned to that store. This is when my interest in bodybuilding became my passion.
I started weight training in elementary school and continued throughout high school. At the same time I played football competitively. For many years, up until my draft year, I focused on playing football at the highest level for the following teams: Oshawa Hawkeyes, Brampton Bears, and the Northwestern Ghosts. I was also invited to many professional pre-season camps.
At the same time, I joined my very first gym: U of T, Scarborough College. To improve my game, I complimented my football training with weight training. This was not a common practice among competitive athletes back then as it is today.
After my football career, I continued weight training at Gold's Gym in Scarborough Bremondsey and Eglinton. I trained alongside Laura Binetti, Laura Creavalle, Scott Abel, Henderson Thorne, Bob Weatherill, Freddy Antwi, Wesley Muhammad and my training partner Peter Oliver, among others. This is when I realized I wanted to compete in bodybuilding. And the rest is history. After winning first place and overall in my first three shows, I was ranked one of the top bodybuilders in Ontario.
Moving on to the Nationals, I was ranked top three bodybuilders for 6 six years in the heavy and super heavy weight divisions. In 2002, I became an IFBB Pro. From 2004 until 2011, I competed extensively on the Pro stage across Canada and the USA. One thing I discovered is how difficult it is to win a pro show when you are beyond your twenties. However, I gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge about nutrition, training, contest preparation, depletion, mental training, dialing, tweaking the body to its finest, posing, routines, stage presence and how to perform your best on the stage. All this knowledge, plus years of experience as a high level competitor, gave me the tools to provide the most comprehensive services to all CPA members.
I became associated with the bodybuilding world through my friends who were competing in the Ontario Amateur Federation of Bodybuilders (for men only). When I competed it was known as the Bodybuilding Association of Ontario. In 1998, it became the Ontario Physique Association. Even after gaining my pro card, I attended most CPA events, and eventually was asked to join the CPA team as a regional judge, a provincial judge and a qualified critique. In 2015, I became an official CPA Ambassador, going across Ontario meeting new and seasoned competitors as well as none competitors, hosting CPA official workshops and posing seminars. During that same year, Posing with the Pro was born to fill the need of the CPA, CBBF and IFBB athletes. As most can attest, my passion and commitment to the CPA is relentless. So of my other involvements in the industry include promoting the IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke Classic and contributor to the Muscle Memory magazine.
If you have any questions regarding competing, the CPA, overall contest prep or posing. Don't hesitate to contact me via email at or my cell phone at 905-926-9241.

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